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TDI Turbine Air Motors For A Wide Varitey of Auxiliary Applications

  • T100-CS Auxiliary Air Motor for Solar Centaur & Taurus Engines
    T100-CS is a single starting motor upgrade and direct replacement for your original dual motor vane-type and turbine-type Ingersoll-Rand, as well as the helical lobe-type Hilliard starting motor assemblies on Solar Centaur and Taurus engines.  MORE

  • T100-MS Auxiliary Air Motor for Demanding Duty Cycle Applications
    T100-MS Motors is designed to handle duty cycles of 30 minutes or more or for applications where poorly regulated air supply control causes repeated overspeed.  It's the motor you want on your most demanding applications.  MORE           

  • T30-M Air-Driven Pump Motors For Pre-and-Post Lube
    and Seal Oil Pump Operation

    The T30-M provides up to four hour of continuous duty operation with no burn-out, no freeze-ups and without worries about lubrication drive air.  MORE

Seamless & Economical
Retrofit For
From Air Research,
Honeywell and Parker

The Industry's Most Reliable Clutch

TDI's unique Sprag Clutch evenly distributes torque across 22 points of contact (compared to three on typical systems) which reduces wear by over 400%, extending life, assuring reliability, and eliminating the need for temperamental ramping controls.